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Call Dr Terrazzo today to rescue your Terrazzo with Terrazzo Restoration in Orlando! 321-302-8652

Do you have sick terrazzo? Never fear, Dr Terrazzo is only a phone call away! Call us today for a free estimate, we're available and waiting on your call 7 days a week. Even if you're just in the process of gathering information, give us a call. we'd be happy to guide you in t he direction you need and desire.

Dr. Terrazzo is a professional terrazzo repair and restoration service in Florida. They are fully licensed and insured with Workers Comp.

Many say they are happy with their floors and decision to hire Dr. Terrazzo to restore their terrazzo flooring.

  • Orlando Terrazzo

  • Titusville Terrazzo

  • Merritt Island Terrazzo

  • Daytona Beach Terrazzo

  • Melbourne Terrazzo

  • Serving ALL of Florida, call today! 321-302-8652

Call us at 321-302-8652 7 days a week or send us an e mail at

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