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Terrazzo Restoration Orlando, 321-302-8652

With the population growing exponentially in the 50's, 60's and 70's in Orlando, many homes were built specifically with Terrazzo Floors. They were an inexpensive flooring option at the time, and today, Terrazzo Floors in Orlando are making a comeback! With many people in the 70's tired of Terrazzo Floors, carpet, tile, even peel and stick vinyl tile was put on top of these beautiful floors. Carpet installers nonchalantly drove nails and screws into them for carpet tacks in order to install carpet. Today, people are realizing the value of Terrazzo Floors, new Terrazzo Floors can run upwards of $40-60 PER SQUARE FOOT! So many remaining homes in the Orlando area still have these valuable Terrazzo Floors, and they CAN be restored! Great for house flips, rentals, and even your own homes. We look forward to providing you a free estimate to restore your Terrazzo Floors, simply give us a call today, 321-302-8652!

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