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Terrazzo Restoration Service in Orlando, FL, Terrazzo Cleaning, Terrazzo Polishing, Terrazzo Floor Repair, Dr Terrazzo

Call Dr Terrazzo today for a free estimate
Call Dr Terrazzo today for a free estimate

Orlando FL Terrazzo Restoration

At Dr Terrazzo, we're not someone who worked for someone else, then decided to go into the business for ourselves, most competition you'll find on Google have been doing terrazzo maybe 2-3 years at best, yet claim to have "decades of restoring terrazzo floors". Ask them to prove it! Dr Terrazzo has been a family owned and operated business for over 18 years, and we'll be here another 18 for sure! You see, we don't have to stretch the truth or tell lies to get your business. We just refer you to the THOUSANDS of Terrazzo Restorations we've done over the years. While every job hasn't gone perfectly, (none ever do!), we strive daily to become better and better at our trade...we'll never stop learning!

We take our business very seriously here, as well as your safety. We are one of the only Terrazzo Restoration companies that is fully insured with Workers Comp insurance. If one of our technicians is injured while doing your job, you won't be held liable for that accident. If a company doesn't have it, you and your insurance company will be on the hook for damages and most likely a lawsuit. We also carry $2 million aggregate liability insurance. Be sure to have companies verify this before getting started.

We don't have any subcontractors or 1099 "under the table" labor that doesn't pay taxes. Our employees are all W-2 staff and actually work for us. Most of our current staff have been with us for 3-4 years.

Terrazzo Restoration shouldn't feel like a high pressure used car deal. We don't do that here. And we don't take any deposits to book your job, either. If your need Terrazzo services in the Central Florida area, the choice is simple: Dr Terrazzo! We're open 7 days a week, and answer our phones on nights and weekends, too. You can speak directly to the owner of our company anytime you call, he can answer any questions and give you pricing information very easily. Give us a call today, and experience the Dr Terrazzo difference!

Dr Terrazzo, your Terrazzo Restoration specialists for over 18 years!
Dr Terrazzo, your Terrazzo Restoration specialists for over 18 years!

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