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Ormond Beach, FL, USA

Ormond Beach Terrazzo Restoration and Repair

Embrace the coastal charm of Ormond Beach with Dr. Terrazzo's terrazzo restoration expertise. For over 18 years, we've been reviving the beauty of Ormond Beach's terrazzo floors.  Our dedication to quality ensures a stunning and easy-to-maintain surface for your beachside property.

Florida's #1 Terrazzo Repair Professionals

Completed Terrazzo Projects

17 years, and thousands of terrazzo projects later, Dr. Terrazzo has been fulfilling terrazzo restoration, repair, and refinishing needs for many customers. Over time, we've learned much and refined our skill level to where we are today! While not always perfect, you can rest assured we will give you our best effort to return your antique terrazzo flooring back to it's best beauty possible! Please check out just a few of our completed projects here, and should you need more, just let us know!